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Rates & Fees

There is no cost to you to use services. All fees and rates applying to the loans they provide are preset by the lenders we connect to. is not an actual direct lender nor does provide loan services. The information you give us is used by us simply so we can connect you quickly and conveniently with a lender.

Full Disclosure of Terms

A legal requirement of the Truth in Lending Act is full disclosure to you of all fees and interest rates applicable to a loan. Your lender is required to disclose to you all fees and rates before you accept your loan. If you choose to accept the loan terms, most lenders will redirect you to an e-signature page on their website for completion of the loan application process. It is in your best interest to take the time to read and fully-understand your loan agreement before you accept and sign it.

Late Payment Policy

Review your late payment policy as it is set out in the loan agreement and ensure you understand all conditions before signing. This is because different loan providers will have policies that differ when it comes to how they handle late payment. Regarding fees for late payment, all lenders are legally bound to follow all applicable rules, laws, and regulations.

Non-payment Policy

Extra loan charges or fees will most probably apply if you get into a situation where you are unable to make your repayment it on time. At we make every attempt to only work with lenders who are thought to be trustworthy and use fair, lawful, and reasonable ways to pursue overdue repayments.

Loan Renewal Policy

Loan renewal policies are monitored and controlled by state laws and in states where the law allows for loan renewals, late fees and additional interest can result is a large hike in your final loan amount. You should try to avoid loan renewals if possible. Read the loan provider’s terms that relate to renewal options prior to signing off on the loan agreement.

*Attention: the information on this page is merely basic advice and should be seen as proper legal advice, it also may not be up-to-date at all times due to changes in rules and regulations. If you have concerns about regulations or laws that apply to you, direct your queries to your loan provider directly or seek correct legal advice. Certain states have no statutory provisions with regards to personal loans.